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Sizzle is a comprehensive pull advertising and marketing platform

The Sizzle Network and Offer Engine™ is a comprehensive suite of promotion and marketing tools, games, experiences, and interconnectivity that will save you thousands of dollars in development costs while allowing you a nearly risk-free opportunity to add new levels of engagement with your customers.

When you PUSH an ad on television, or in magazines, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, or TikTok, consumers tend to tune them out. But when consumers are invited to choose from a large list of prizes that they would like to try to win, they pay full attention and deliver focused market research. The Sizzle PULL advertising platform enables our merchants to avoid having to pay to speak to the audience that does not care while enabling them to build a rapport with the consumers who are fully engaged.

Sizzle is a preeminent platform for virtualized experiences. Sizzle solves problems and could generate significant revenue in fun and unique ways.