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Live to Tell About It

Illusion Factory in association with ninth degree black belt and 7 Time World Karate Champion, Johnny Gyro and his wife, sixth degree black belt, Noel Gyro, created a DVD and an iPhone app which teaches people how to defend themselves in a violent attack. The app was released as a free app as a public service to help thwart needless violence through education of the potential victims.

“As a victim twice of violent crime, I have made it my personal mission to train and empower women of all ages to learn to defend themselves in a violent confrontation. No one wakes up and says… Today I am going to become a violent crime statistic. But it happens so often that in the time it will take you to read to the bottom of this page, two women will have been raped in the United States. Working with my friends at Illusion Factory to make this FREE app for you to learn how to save your life has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. If you practice what I have taught you here, you are much more likely to be able to Live to Tell About It if you are ever attacked. These techniques have already saved the lives of others…. I hope that you will learn them so they become a part of your overall well being.”
Noel Gyro – 6th Degree Black belt