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Dice Roller V

Roll the future of fortune

Dice Roller V is the most fun and unique game in the online gaming world!  In this awe-inspiring game, players find themselves not only concentrating on methodology but also displaying uncontrollable excitement during the gaming action.

The layout of the gaming interface gives players the option to make single roll bets meaning, after one roll the player knows whether they have won or lost.  Or, multiple roll bets, where a number of rolls may be needed for a player to win or lose the bet.

Players look to throw a hot streak of rolls and predict what numbers will hit. Players can bet on winning numbers calling them ‘hot’ or numbers that haven’t shown for awhile believing their time is due. A dice history chart provides the sequence of recent roll outcomes. 

A licensed random number generator determines all dice outcomes.

Stylish animation has been created to intrigue the player when the dice are rolled.