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da Vinci: Anatomy of Genius

Imagine a journey that will take you over 500 years back in time to The Renaissance, and once you are there, allow you inside the deep, dark, brilliant mind of, arguably, the greatest genius of all time – the story of Leonardo da Vinci.

da Vinci was blessed, and cursed, with a mind that envisioned worlds and machines so advanced, they required technology that would not be invented for four hundred years. A mind that knew no boundaries in its relentless pursuit of knowledge and defied all that was considered sacred in its quest for the truth. A mind whose visionary genius was compelled to defy the physical forces of nature in order to redefine man’s role within it. A visionary master who was condemned by his peers for being heretical and extremist, and yet succeeded against all odds.

da Vinci: Anatomy of Genius, Executive Produced by Brian Weiner from IllusionQuest Studios, is a breathtaking IMAX film telling the story of one man’s genius that, despite his death so long ago, continues to unfold and rewrite itself today as the tapestry of history unravels new insights and brings new meaning to the way we view the past, review the present, and the way we anticipate the future.