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Clifford and Stanley

CLIFFORD AND STANLEY, a new theatrical film, Executive Produced by Brian Weiner from Illusion Quest Studios and Stephanie Garvin from ETM Pictures is a large-scale, special effects comedy in the vein of MEN IN BLACK and BRUCE ALMIGHTY. Set in Los Angeles and Washington D.C., this moralistic tale of two intelligent life forms who come to earth to determine whether mankind is at its essence good or evil is reminiscent of the best works of Frank Capra. The film is timely in its exploration of the lack of restraint of weapons in schools. CLIFFORD AND STANLEY is a humorous and moralistic examination of the forces of society and the choices humans make in larger-than-life circumstances.

This film offers incredible ancillary opportunities through sequels, theme park rides, cartoon series, comic books, interactive games, and a host of toys and other marketable commodities to be fully utilized within the Sizzle platform and within the SizzleVerse. The positive perspective of the film, cleverly written by Chris Harlan, Brian Weiner, and Corinne Frederick, will attract major corporate promotional partners to tie in many ancillary marketing opportunities.