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AR Basketball

Augmented reality basketball games enable one friend to invite another friend to join them in a virtual shooting match with ten shots each. Both players take their ten shots with the score being tallied.

This lets users play in head-to-head basketball-related games, tournaments, sweepstakes, contests, and promotions with prize indemnity insurance.

Players have the opportunity to use an interactive verbal smack talk feature to further the rivalry during the game.

Connect winners into a sports ladder to enable the user to rise up in the ranks and play against other winners for their chance to win a grand prize.

Sizzle Basketball™ may be produced with your product as the support for the basket and net, creating even more vibrant brand impressions.

For those who crave superpowers, Sizzle Shots™ Skyscraper edition allows you to take shots 20 stories up. Skyscrapers not included.

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