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7 Daredevils

7 World Records

7 Nights in a Row

Ron Jones

Extreme Bungee Jumping

The world’s best bungee jumper will jump out of a helicopter or hot air balloon in Antarctica in a vibrant orange suit with red smoke trailing from his heels 2000 feet above the ground. When he extends to the full length of his cable, he will detach and step off onto the ground…. he will tear off his orange suit and he will be in a full tuxedo…. The camera that captures his landing rotates 90 to reveal a million emperor penguins with him in the foreground (which we did not allude to until the glory shot)…. Note… Penguins are in.

Troy Hartman

Extreme Skydiving and Stunt Pilot

World-class pilot/skydiver – Troy Hartman and crew will fly one plane…. a person will jump out of that plane wearing shorts, and no shirt… no parachute…. free fall and a second plane flown by Troy will go into a straight vertical dive plummeting towards earth and the skydiver without the parachute will crawl into the plane that is free-falling…. and they will do this over Victoria Falls in Africa…..

The Skyliners

Extreme Skyline, Rope Swing, Base Jump

The Cape Pillar Chasm is located in the Tasman National Park, southeast of Tasmania, where incredible sheer cliffs are up to 300m high and fluted like organ pipes. The Skyliners will combine Highline, a rope swing, and a base jump. They will start walking on a Highline, then rope-jump from the middle, and cut away to base jump, to finally land perfectly on a targeted spot on the deck of a boat in the water.

Dean Gunnarson

World’s Greatest Escape Artist

Angel Falls, Venezuela – Dean is happiest to be handcuffed, bound in chains and locks, wrapped in a straight jacket, and restrained in any other possible way that a person may dream up. Then he is hung upside down over Hoover Dam, or over an alligator pit, thrown from a plane, trapped in a car that will be crushed in a junkyard, buried alive in cement, attached to a rollercoaster track with the car headed straight at him, frozen in ice and countless other perils. We will bind Dean in his usual constraints and hang him upside down in the gap between the falls and the rock pillar… then light the rope that holds him from falling on fire. Dean will escape and parachute to safety. This stunt could possibly be a live event.

Dave Barlia

Extreme Base Jump and Wingsuit Skydiving

Himalayas, India – Dave Barlia will lead a team to climb the highest peak of the Himalayas in that region and then base jump with a wingsuit to set the record for the longest wingsuit flight. We may also opt to take Dave up in an airplane to 40,000 feet and let him jump from the plane at this extreme altitude and set three world records. Either way, we will probably use the majestic Himalayas as the riveting backdrop to this monumental undertaking.